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Easy Mine is attempting to become the easiest crypto-currency mining pool. We're taking out the complications and inconsistances of other pools, allowing you to spend more time tinkering with the hardware and squeezing out every hash possible. That's the fun bit!


  • Algorithm: Argon2d (CPU-Only Miner: Win64 Win32 Source)
  • Stratum Connection: stratum+tcp://
  • Username: Please use only your Unitus Wallet address. No difficulty modifier required.
  • Password: Anything you like, it does not matter
  • Mining Fees: 1% for UIS. You are welcome to donate a small amount, this is done via your miner's page.

We strongly recommend you only use an address generated in the Unitus Core wallet. Do not use addresses from Electrum, or you will likely experience issues moving the coins when you want to spend them.

Payout of earned coins is done according to the following guidelines:

  • Any account balance exceeding the payout threshold (by default 10 UIS, you can change yours on your miner's page) will be paid soon after reaching that amount.
  • Once per day at approximately 00:00 UTC all balances above 1.0 UIS will be paid out
  • Once per day at approximately 00:00 UTC all miners who have been inactive for 7 days will be paid out if their balance exceeds 0.5 UIS. All other inactive balances are donated to the pool

Donations help support running and improving the pool. You can configure an automatic amount via your miner's page - or you can make a one-off donation to UisALPQCQYLfmxXZDo8NxSzGwq2RxVxZzG.


If you are experiencing issues, please first ensure you have configured your miner with the correct username (your UIS address). Please search for your address in the miners section below, and click on the link to your miners page. Please note it will take approximately 5 minutes from when you start mining for your address to appear in the search results.

If you still require help, please head to to Reddit/Unitus or message me directly Please include the UIS address you are mining to in your request for help.

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  1. Average hashrate and invalid shares from your miner over the past 30 minutes.
  2. Please note that your estimated block reward and daily earnings will take 12 hours mining to reach their maximum level.

Pool Statistics

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  1. Donations are received via either an automatic percentage of your payouts, or when miners are inactive for 7 days with a balance below 0.1 UIS. Donations are used to continue improving and developing the pool, as well as helping fund the resources required to keep it running smoothly.
  2. An Orphan block is generated when it is submitted to the Unitus network, but an alternative block has just been submitted that is considered of higher difficulty.